History Of Dependability Saint Francis Home, Activities

It has been the endeavour of Saint Francis Home, Pathankot to give witness to the compassionate love of Lord Jesus for the Special children by providing special education, therapy and rehabilitation, transportation , midday refreshment and study material totally free to the beneficiaries irrespective of their caste, creed or even their economic condition. It is not that Saint Francis Home, Pathankot is endowed with any funds. In fact, it leads a hand to mouth existence and it has to depend on divine providence. The reason why it does not charge anything for its services is that most of the children hail from very poor economic background and the moment we charge a fee, their parents would not be able to send their children for rehabilitation and therapy. Moreover, the parents of these children are to be appreciated for the love and affection they lavish on these children knowing fully well that they would never receive anything in return. Saint Francis Home, Pathankot renders its services free as a gesture of appreciation for these brave parents. It is a heavy undertaking but people like you can keep our adventure of service to the most neglected sections of the modern society going.